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iQuate + Cisco

iQCloud works with Cisco CloudCenter (CCC) to simplify cloud migration and provides the information you need to keep CCC up-to-date across your complex IT estate—virtual, on-site and in the cloud.

Enable Smart Migration to AWS

Agentless discovery of hardware, software, virtual and cloud resources gives you a smooth, fast move to the cloud.

Case Study

See how Onstak uses iQCloud to enable disaster recovery, data center transformation and migration to the cloud with unprecedented visibility into the IT estate.

Discovery and Service Mapping to Accelerate

Your Move to the Cloud



Discovery is our DNA. If it’s out there, we’ll find it—quickly.


See how all your IT services tie together, automatically.


Enable migration to AWS, Azure, your private cloud, your data center—find the mix that’s right for you.


Visibility into our hybrid IT estate—legacy and cloud combined.

Why iQuate?

We bridge the gap in hybrid cloud.

It’s a challenge to rapidly collect the right data you need for complete visibility into a complex IT estate that stretches across legacy data centers and hybrid cloud environments.

But that data is key in delivering the information required to support mission-critical applications and data center transformation initiatives—including cloud migration. It’s also required for successful software asset management (SAM) to avoid additional expenses and risks.

Get the knowledge you need to support your right mix strategy with iQuate. See through the complexity of hybrid infrastructure and the applications it supports to ensure you’re meeting your objectives. Support smarter IT and business decisions with iQCloud and iQSonar.

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